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Security and Surveillance

Security and surveillance is the oldest application for drone technology. Since drones are cheaper and easier to deploy for surveillance solutions for corporations and enterprises, they have systematically replaced full-scale surveillance aircrafts. Drones used for aerial surveillance have been evolving over the last decade, improving their sensors and creating better bridge integrations with video management systems and other ground-based sensors. The addition of 5G technology has propelled the development of completely autonomous surveillance drones that seamlessly integrate into security systems and perform missions without human interference.

Use cases:

  1. Border & Coastal surveillance
    Zain Drone provides solutions in detection, recognition and identification in border and coastal surveillance. Using drones for situational awareness along with thermal tracking software provides security forces with the help needed to minimize the risk to personnel, as intruders are apprehended even under the cover of darkness..
  2. Search and Rescue Missions
    In search and rescue operations every second counts. Drone technology offers a distinct advantage as it has the capability to provide a rapid aerial overview of the areas believed to hold survivors. When advanced algorithms in artificial intelligence classifiers and computer vision are paired with UAVs, search and rescue missions become much more effective and cases can be identified faster.
  3. Traffic Surveillance
    Utilizing precise camera stabilization and high-resolution video and images, Zain Drone’s specialized software can extract data from live videos broadcast from the UAV, which can then be analyzed to produce detailed reports on traffic flow, vehicle counting, speeds and directions, as well as classification. Additionally, traffic applications allow for precise safety analysis around critical areas such as schools and hospitals by identifying hot spots and providing reports of potentially dangerous areas for pedestrians.
  4. Perimeter Surveillance & Monitoring
    Zain Drone perimeter security allows for the monitoring of what Is happening on a property from the comfort of a domestic residence or command center. It provides advanced warning of trespassers.
    The ability to collect imagery is ideally suited for reconnaissance or rapid situational awareness with an application for ground force units to detect and monitor potential threats from a safe distance.
    Zain’s drones provide several advantages over mounted cameras including mobile video surveillance, remote control, and stealth.